Let's Talk Inclusion & Equity

No Shame. No Blame.

No Guilt. No Drama.

Dismantling the negativity and splitting open the historical pattern of silence.

Communication is Everything

Comprehension is Key

A closed mind cannot be bullied open which is why the teaching of anti-discrimination and anti-racism must be relatable to allow for a person to find themselves in the story.  To feel a sense of the other perspectives.  My approach is direct with a focus on meeting people where they are, so they can do what they can in the networks around them.

Through my online courses, team training program, keynote speaking and virtual event leadership, my work bridges communication gaps between the BIPOC community and white culture allies.  The end goal is to educate how to talk about and create strategies that address issues of anti-discrimination and anti-racism to heal and evolve as a society.

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My Story..

Hi, my name is Nadi, I work with educators, individuals and workplace teams to engage in conversations of anti-discrimination and anti-racism.

My perspective is that of an Afro-Indigenous woman who was adopted into a white family at 9 months old. I grew up in several small Canadian communities where I was usually the only person of colour in a population of several thousand.  As a result, racism was woven into the fiber of my being.

In one such town I was 13 years old and walked to school 5 days a week.  Everyday, as my walk got closer to school, the anxiety in my body would grow.  My stomach would turn, my chest would tighten, and as I moved past that last house blocking my direct view of the school, the anxiety would reach peak levels.  There they were, that same group of kids sitting in the parking lot, every single day.  There was no avoiding them, so I just kept walking.  Without hesitation the moment they saw me, racist and humiliating name calling would come flying at me. This was my daily life.

Now, I work with educators, individual and workplace leadership teams to dismantle historical misunderstandings of racial divide and teach new ways forward. 

My mission is to educate people so no one ever has to feel the way I did when walking to school everyday. 

Are you ready to understand anti-racism and make space for inclusion and equity in the world around you?

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