Let's Talk Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Dismantling the negativity and splitting open the historical pattern of silence.

Nadi is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion educator and keynote speaker who facilitates workshops and training sessions for educators, individuals and workplace teams to engage in conversations of anti-discrimination and anti-racism.

The work of anti-oppression is collaborative. 

You do the work of choosing to level up and I’ll do the work of guiding you further. 

My Story..

I am a holistic diversity, equity and inclusion educator centred around intersectional discrimination - I’m talking ageism, ableism, gender equity and racial justice.  

At the heart - my work helps organizations and individuals connect with their humanity and personal goals to operate with zero tolerance for discrimination.

My perspective is that of an Indigenous woman who was adopted into a white family at 9 months old. I grew up in several small Canadian communities where I was usually the only person of colour.  As a result, racism was woven into the fibre of my being. It was everywhere I went and has remained a constant in my life ever since. 

Now, I work with educators, individual and workplace leadership teams to dismantle historical misunderstandings of the racial divide and teach new ways forward. 

I do this by bridging the communication gaps, creating safe space for learning & unlearning and introducing systems that foster belonging and grow past historical patterns of silence.  


No Shame. No Blame. No Guilt. No Drama.

The end goal is to educate how to talk about and create strategies that address issues of anti-discrimination and anti-racism to heal and evolve as a society. Let's talk about how you can take action.

Are you ready to understand anti-oppression and make space for inclusion and equity in the world around you?

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"I'm so glad that I had Nadi there to support me through the process of learning and unlearning so that I can now take action and speak up when I would have done nothing or stayed quiet instead. Well done Nadi, your training is excellent and your delivery around a difficult topic is just what people need to make positive change, change their attitudes and beliefs and take action for change! "

Dagmar Meachem
Leadership & Entrepreneur Coach

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