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As far as small communities go, there are unique perspectives and misunderstandings around what discrimination really is, which becomes extremely polarizing in practice. The aim of this 1-day seminar is to understand the layers of biases and discuss, in a safe and supported space, how racism exists in Squamish as well as other small communities.

Working with a deeper understanding of diversity, inclusion and equity, the intention is to discover the ways we can work as a community to dismantle the negativity and eliminate discrimination. First by acknowledging the layers of racism that exist and following this up with actionable solutions.


November 7, 2020

1pm to 4pm

The Self-work

Listen, Unlearn & ReLearn.

The work of anti-discrimination begins with self-work.
In the summit, we focus on Listen, Unlearn & Relearn. This is the opportunity to expand your knowledge, explore alternate perspectives and listen to the community.
We finish this session with an open-floor Q&A and guided community conversation.

"This is important work that Nadi finds a way to make accessible to the entire room. Our group left her talk with communication tools and real action items for our company"

- Jonathan Thompson

Hosted in Squamish, BC

We wish to extend acknowledgement and respect to the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam nations for the privilege of us holding space on their sovereign, unceded and unsurrendered territories.

We would also like to thank Aligned Collective Workspace for the use of their space to host this LIVE virtual event.
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A million tiny steps..

That's the framework of anti-racism practices.  Through continuous learning with open minds, we take tiny steps towards equity and inclusion.

The training will be recorded and available to those who may not be available to attend. Register in advance to receive the recording after the event.


Donations are Optional

While this event is open as free training and community discussion, we welcome donations of all sizes through sliding scale formatting.  Any donations received will cover the cost of the event plus compensation to the educators and contributors.
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All are welcome.

This is a community event designed to connect and build on a conversation of inclusion and equity without shame, blame, guilt or drama.   The work of anti-racism is complex and challenging.

Begin where you are - and just keep going.


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